Saturday, July 11, 2009


Good morning,

Welcome to the Cooper studio on play day (Saturday!) I want to talk about stretch, stretching and stretchers, today. Curious words, eh? Let me explain.

I am one of those artists who actually enjoys stretching their own canvases.

I had been ordering stretcher bars from the same company for a long time, whenever I needed new, I mindlessly went to their website and ordered. A year ago, something happened, and their quality slipped. But I needed some more and ordered again. A bigger slip. I called the company. They sent me a duplicate order with the promise that they would be better. They were, sort of.

But it was time to stretch out of the routine. I tried a new company. I just got a new order of stretchers from the fedex guy yesterday. Amazing. I think something that is functional, solid and well made can be called beautiful. These definitely fit the parameters.

My only question now is why did it take me so long to stretch from the routine of ordering from the same company? Does routine seem more logical in non-creative tasks? Ha! Are routine and non-creative tasks synonymous?

Later, Cooper

Oh, and if you like to stretch your canvases as well, the really nice ones came from Dick Blick.


Shana said...

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moony soprano said...

Your works are lovely. a modern rendition of impressionism using bold colors. I am amazed with artists who like stretching their own canvasses. In fact, I have a friend who even makes her won stretchers! I do not have the patience for it though, so I just buy them or have somebody make them for me(I usually just pay her to do them for me teehee).

Cassandra Hueser said...

I too enjoy stretching canvas. Good to know about Dick Blick, I was considering buying from Daniel Smith as well, have you purchased from there? I bought paint but never stretchers.

Anonymous said...

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