Thursday, July 31, 2008

art and blues (the musical kind) combo


We are on a roll in northwest Iowa with the hot and sticky weather. Here's my theory on all of that: Do you remember this past winter? It was cold. Very, very, excessively cold. And it took forever to go away. But that's what winter is known for, right? But it maxed out all of it's winterly qualities.

Then came spring. In Iowa. Spring is noted for windy and wet, right? And it did it to the max, and it took forever for it to stop.

It's summer now, and what is summer in Iowa famous for? Humid and hot and more humid, plus a little more humid. Considering the track record of this year's seasons to date, I am forcasting that we we will have hot, humid and a little more humid until probably Thanksgiving time. But that's ok, summer is my favorite!

Speaking of summer, what could be better than summer at the lake? Maybe summer at the lake with art in the park and a blues fest? So here's your big chance: August 2, Art In The Park And The Blues Fest @ Preservation Plaza, Arnolds Park, Iowa. And I think I have a new painting almost ready to take along---what do you think?

Later, Cooper

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another painting look at the Great River Energy Bicycle Race


It's official, it's now a series. I just put a signature and a layer of varnish on the second painting inspired by the Great River Energy Bicycle Race that happened in Minneapolis early June. I have promised before that part of the mission of this blog is to explain (try!) why painters paint the way they do. Inspiration is a big part of it.

And Ragbrai is gearing up too! For the few of you who don't know what that is, Ragbrai goes like this:

R the Register's (as in the DesMoines Register)
a annual
g great
b bike
r ride
a across
i Iowa

and I do believe this is Ragbrai #36. The resident highschooler works at Bikes, Boards, and Blades, a great bike shop here in Spencer, Iowa, and even though Spencer is not on the route this year, they are still feeling the push. Lots of hours today, but a whole bunch more cyclists have road worthy bikes ready for the week ahead!

Ok, back to work.

Later, Cooper

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

another painting from the Great River Energy Bicycle Race


It's a good thing my studio is of the second floor sort WITH a door that opens to a lovely tree shaded balcony because it was definitely too nice a day to be locked away in a stuffy little room somewhere. As a result of the aforementioned locale, I managed to get some pretty fair painting done. The second painting stemming from the Great River Energy Bicycle Race is almost 'there'. I have been pushing the energy button (is there such a thing as an energy button??) to get some of what was at the race into the painting.

And on another front, the next art fair hosting Cooper paintings will be in Boulder, Colorado. The dates are July 19th and 20th. It's held downtown on a neat ped-mall---shade trees there, too! If you are reading this from the 'front range', then you are probably close enough to stop by, so do! Of course, with two kids in Longmont, Colorado (the next town over), we are planning a little R and R on the side :)

Ok, now let's add some color to this post: I have alternately been referring to this painting as the 'second bicycle race painting' or 'helmet heads'. I will consider all other good title suggestions. Hey, sometimes titles happen before the paintings do, and sometimes the titles are just a little slow in coming!

I suppose I should mention at this point, that it's not quite done yet. Maybe tomorrow. It's chronicle of progress is on my work blog.

Later, Cooper