Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today's painting


Just to let you know, Iowa is NOT balmy today. I would call it 50-ish and gray. But we're cruising toward the weekend weather guy promise of 80. I'm ready.

So apples have been in the studio recently. Three happened in a large still life that as yet is unnamed. So we have a 30 x 30 inch canvas with a crock bowl, three apples, and a red and white check tablecover that's actually masquerading as a green and white check. (we call that artistic license) Hopefully it will have a good and proper name soon, but until then, find it inserted and labeled "still life".

And amazing as it may seem, I am posting two (count'em two) paintings today. The second is actually a color study on paper, of some hands wrapped around a nice red apple. But you are correct---it's mostly about the hands. I think you can say a lot with hands. At this point, I suppose I should confess that I am one of those people who if you tied their hands behind their back, they would probably not be able to talk at all. Yep, that's me and I'm ok with it! This study is on paper, about 15 inches square. Yes, both of today's paintings are in acrylic. The study on paper: $125; the large canvas: $500.

Later, Karen

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"2007 Artisans Road Trip"

Good morning,

Just a quick note here while it's still in my head. The Northwest Iowa Artisans Road Trip group met last night. Plans are moving along for this year's tour. Travel guide books will be available in May, for the big weekend event that happens in October. (10/13-14/07) Let me know if you'd like to see a copy!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Okay already! I'm here now! But I can't really believe almost a week has passed since the last writing. Have I been busy? Yes. Have I been painting? Yes to that as well. My studio group spent all of Saturday afternoon critiquing paintings. Sigh. Why is it so impossible to just do it absolutely right the first time? The accompanying photo is a reworked one, first done during "pumpkin season", and just painted over some now. I have a new rule: just because it is signed no longer means that it's done. :) However I am including it now just so I can call it my "one a day painting". Please ignore the poor photography, it's to late in the day to go try a second round in that department.

Later, Karen

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Krasl Art Fair On The Bluff, A.R.T.

Hello and happy spring!

So I lie a little---there's white stuff falling and blowing outside my window as we speak. Heavy sigh. But the robins are here in full force, so give us a day or two and we'll be able to wear shorts and tshirts instead of wool.

Yes, I have been painting, but somethings up, because I seem to be in an unusual pattern; that of working on several pieces in the same time span. I just signed one of them however, another study from Thursday night studio, so maybe you'll get to see it posted here eventually.

Other news: I am going to be participating in the A.R.T. this fall, also known as artisan's road trip. That would be a self guided tour around northwest Iowa of various artist's studios. Yes, you may put that on your calendar for October 13th and 14th.

Also on my exhibit calendar, we've added Krasl Art Fair On The Bluff, one of my most favorite of outdoor summer art shows. It's held in St. Joseph, Michigan the second weekend in July, which I believe is July 15th and 16th, in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Michigan.

As it is still snowing, I think it's time to bake cookies. I promise to post that painting after a bit.

Later, Karen
ps. The posted study is on a 20 inch square canvas. We are still waiting for a title?

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Happy Wednesday to you! ---Even though it's bloomin' cold in my corner of the world. What happened to spring?

At any rate I have a spring message for you. Buy Iowa Art, is a site where Iowa artists show their work collectively. The Iowa Arts News e-newsletter for April 07 features an article " Blossoms With Spring". Yours truely is the color for the article, actually the color is my painting A Great American Porch Swing, which I do believe I have listed at my webpage:

also I can give you the Iowa Arts Council info, which is: or

I guess it wouldn't hurt to post that painting for you huh? Look just to the right. Possibly I'll get it into the article after a bit, but right now, gotta go.

Later, KC

ps. Personally I think the painting feels more summer than spring, but read what you want, huh? Also, "A Great American Porch Swinging" is currently on display at Arts On Grand, in Spencer, Iowa.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

a painting a day

We are calling this one a color sketch, because I am thinking it needs to be on a canvas and developed a little more.---Like can I paint it again, bigger, and still make it feel like a good place to be? We shall see, but for today, we are calling it THE painting of the day. (and yes, I know it's a little blurry on the photography, but it's late, and so are my eyes---blurry, that is)

specs: acrylic on paper, about 14 inches square

Later, Karen