Wednesday, March 12, 2008

acrylic painting, life drawing and current work

Hi there!

Chemistry stress, twin grandbabies ready to enter the world, long days at the greenhouse. keys locked in cars, a dog that finally realized it's not as cold as it was and now wants to go for more frequent runs :), life drawing group that can't stay on schedule, just a few of my excuse for not posting regularly lately! But I have been painting, and the proof will be in the uploaded photos.

Our life drawing group has actually met twice in the last two weeks, which is a new record for this winter. Yes, we are supposed to meet every week, but there have been a few interferences!

The two images here are from life drawing from March 3rd, and March 11th. Neither is complete, but you may refer to paragraph one of this post for already mentioned excuses for my troubles with completed paintings lately!

Then I have another image of the large canvas that has been hanging out on my easel for about a month! Slowly but surely, I do believe I'm getting it where I want it! First, a detail photo, and
then the whole canvas:

Later, Cooper

Sunday, March 2, 2008

acrylic painting, more of the 'Delta Force Reader'


So every roof line on the house is dripping, yea! It's cloudy, but it's melting, so I'm ok with that. We got home from church, and the air was so mellow that Ollie and I got a run in already!

Way back in January the Thursday night studio group had a model reading 'Delta Force' and several paintings have come from those sessions. This one:

I had earlier called done, but it wasn't signed, nor was it varnished. Maybe it won't ever be? :) At any rate, yesterday after we finished our day's work on the current remodel project, (ugh) I was shifting things around in the studio---you know how these things go---I ended up with this one back on the easel. It's got a real name now, I think when I get done posting this I'll go slap a signature on it! Another Chapter Of Delta Force Reader, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on canvas. I'll put it up on my website as well, should it need to hang in your library!

Later, Cooper