Friday, February 23, 2007

Karen Cooper makes the news, well sort of

Hey, look it's Friday already!

The "shades of red" opening went well last night, with a pretty good turnout of people. "Discover" magazine did a one page article covering the exhibit and called yours truely for a phone interview, so the Karen Cooper viewpoint of the color red is now pretty well published. After the opening we even made it up to the studio at the art center to paint. I was pretty pleased with that effort too. A few finishing touches and maybe I will get that (painting) posted for you as well.

So, how much do the weatherguys know today? If you say lots, then I will plan on spending the day in my studio here at home (ceramic heater definitely turned on), brush in hand, watching snow dump outside my window. Last I heard, 12". Oh joy, Iowa weather.

Later, Karen

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