Wednesday, September 12, 2007

daily paint

Good morning!

Brrrrrr! from northwest Iowa. Where are those 90 degree days when you could really use one?

Ok, you'll notice I de-loaded the picture from the last post? I mentioned it wasn't signed and that left it open for slight adjustment? So slight adjustments are made and it is now signed so here is the latest upload. Also another bowl of ripe tomatoes, with a slight amateur photographer glare on the corner, darn, we'll see about a re-photo later. Here's what you get for now:
Have a great day!

Later, Cooper

ps. ok here comes a bit of confession: You'll note that I fixed the glare on the tomato painting? Well, while I was there, even though it was already signed, it occurred to me that it wanted to be just a little more blue....sheesh.

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