Thursday, July 31, 2008

art and blues (the musical kind) combo


We are on a roll in northwest Iowa with the hot and sticky weather. Here's my theory on all of that: Do you remember this past winter? It was cold. Very, very, excessively cold. And it took forever to go away. But that's what winter is known for, right? But it maxed out all of it's winterly qualities.

Then came spring. In Iowa. Spring is noted for windy and wet, right? And it did it to the max, and it took forever for it to stop.

It's summer now, and what is summer in Iowa famous for? Humid and hot and more humid, plus a little more humid. Considering the track record of this year's seasons to date, I am forcasting that we we will have hot, humid and a little more humid until probably Thanksgiving time. But that's ok, summer is my favorite!

Speaking of summer, what could be better than summer at the lake? Maybe summer at the lake with art in the park and a blues fest? So here's your big chance: August 2, Art In The Park And The Blues Fest @ Preservation Plaza, Arnolds Park, Iowa. And I think I have a new painting almost ready to take along---what do you think?

Later, Cooper

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