Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Daily Painting At The Cooper Studio


I love days like this one! The sun is shining and I found a ten dollar bill laying on the sidewalk. Yay for me! It happened because I needed storefronts.

Let me explain: the next Boulder musicians painting is on the easel. It's a street scene, but the focus is the people, not the stores. However. I am having a hard time deciding if those stores should look like stores, or if they should be vague. I realized I needed to look at some stores, so trusty HP camera in one hand, and the blond one's (yes, that would be Olliver, aka golden retriever) leash in the other, we set off for downtown Spencer. We had a grand old time taking pictures, with our last photo opportunity being the hotel. One good hotel picture, the camera batteries died, and I found the $10 laying right there on the sidewalk. Perfect!

Now, if I could just decide about those storefronts in this painting. Maybe tomorrow.

Later, Cooper


Sylvia Jenstad said...

Wow... really cool... love the people... the colours... really cool

Mary Connealy said...

I took a picture of the Lyons, Nebraska Main Street, all those old store fronts. It's on my phone. I have no idea how to get it off my phone but if I ever see you and can find the picture, you could use my phone as inspiration.

Just sayin'...........