Monday, February 9, 2009

Daily Painting And Why Do Artists Paint The Way They Do


Why DO artists paint they way they do? That would be a long list. Let's just mention one for today.

There's a show coming up midApril of my paintings. Yeah, about 20 of them, is what I'm shooting for. I have a friend who says "oh, boring" of exhibits titled "latest works of" and that every good exhibit needs to be focused on something. I'm thinking consumables. You know, food, drink, things that are tasty. In fact I'm thinking along the line of 'in pursuit of tasty'.

Today was a warmup day. Just a little canvas, 12 x 12 inches, and here it is:

'Taint it fun? It's available at my website if you'd like to bop over there :)

Now it's time to go paint with a really big brush, and a roller. Ha, we're talking the walls of the bathroom. Yup, there's always something that needs painted, one way or the other!

Later, Cooper