Sunday, May 31, 2009

Iowa City Arts Festival, It Happened Downtown


The Iowa City Arts Festival is happening soon. In fact, very soon. The dates are June 6th and 7th. And I have a painting to show you that's related in an unrelated sort of way. "How does that work" you ask? Ha! Here's the title: It Happened Downtown.

Yup, the Iowa City Arts Festival happens in downtown Iowa City, Iowa. The streets of Dubuque, Iowa, Washington and Linn, are all involved, and yours truely will be location #104 on Linn Street.

AND. The aforementioned painting, at the moment not quite ready, but almost, will make the trip with me. So debut performance on this painting, but there will be others in the 'fresh off the easel' category as well. It Happened Downtown is an acrylic painting on a 30 x 30 inch canvas. If you are desperate for a downtown Iowa City scene, we can pretend this is one, but in reality downtown Minneapolis was the inspiration location. But. Like I said, we allow big imaginations in the world of art :) so you just go for it!

If you have visited with me about my paintings before and are on my mailing list, you should have received (or will shortly) a post card mentioning a 10% discount for a painting purchased during the Iowa City Arts Festival. I would like to extend that to my online fans as well, so make sure you mention reading this, and we will make it happen for you too!

Later, Cooper

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