Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spencer, Iowa, Parks


My goal here is to write about "what makes artists paint the way they do". Hopefully, I won't pick up a paint brush yet today. Let me explain.

Spencer, Iowa is a pretty darn great town to live in. Right at the top of the pretty darn great list is the wealth of city parks the town holds in it's proper.

A few years ago, the Spencer Park system, specifically "East Leach Park" gained a beautiful in-ground (concrete) skate park. Note the word "skate". That means the rules board bolted to the post says ONLY skate board or inline skates. No BMX bikes allowed. We've heard various reasons/excuses/rumors as to the logic of this ruling, trust me, they're all weak.

Today, my husband and I were on a bike ride through East Leach Park. We stopped to watch the kids at the skate park. There was one skate boarder present, there aren't many skate boarders in Spencer. Ironic, hm? Several people on bmx bikes are present, there always are. Out of the corner of my eye I see the car with the lights on top. People yell, "Cop"! One kid wasn't quick enough. It cost him $63 dollars. Yup, that's the price of a ticket for riding your bike in the park.

So a multi-thousand dollar park facility, restricted to the majority of the people wanting to use it. Just doesn't make sense, does it?

Sometimes don't you just want to take somebody by the head and give'em a good shake? And we are so glad I'd already decided not to pick up a paint brush yet today!

Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

It was nice to see you at the Summer Arts Festival, Karen.