Monday, October 26, 2009

Painting Wisdom


Welcome to the Cooper studio, on a semi-sunny day in Jefferson, Iowa. I suppose an official meteorologist would classify that as "partly sunny", eh? Either way, it seems to be a good day to share some painting wisdom with you. Especially as it's someone else's wisdom, and it just came to my inbox. How convenient!

First, we need to flash back to September, when I exhibited at the Octagon Art Fair, in Ames, Iowa. While at that event, I was one of the artist's interviewed for an online art mag called "Painter's Hub". Here is the link for the article, BUT before you go there, I get to put in my defense for the really nasty photo accompanying the article. It was one of those September days when the air was really cool and the sun was really strong, so logically you sit in the sun to stay warm, and put on the sunscreen and hat and glasses to avoid the UV overdose. Please, next time somebody warn me to take off the hat and glasses before the photo! Thanks :)

Later, Cooper

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