Tuesday, May 27, 2008

painting the park

Hi there!

Do you remember I described this as a journal blog, hoping to tell what causes me to paint the way I do? :)
Well, I spent the last couple of nights at my daughter and son-in-law's house trying to help them get some sleep. Two little babies were trying their hardest to keep that from happening. :) I have never heard babies moan and groan like these two do. My daughter and I discussed the possiblility this morning that they (the girls) are already developing their 'special language' Liberty got to go home from the hospital about ten days earlier than Mia, but once they were back to being room mates, the 'talking' started!

So did it affect my painting? On my project blog, I talked about 'daubs and splodges' as being a better definition than 'impressionism'. The park I was painting is beginning to look like someone slung paint around with abandon. Oh yeah, wait a minute, I was. :) The true test of 'impressionism' vs 'daubs and splodges' will come tomorrow morning when (after a whole night's sleep!) we see if I am compelled to tidy up those messy brush strokes. And besides, I can show you some pretty famous impressionist paintings with seriously messy brushstrokes, so maybe I should just sign it?

Here's the painting so far:

"Park Bench Confidantes"

Later, Cooper

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