Monday, June 2, 2008

season opener


If you take a peek at that schedule I posted just a few days ago, you'll see that the summer art show season has begun for the Cooper camp.

I was at Countryside Village Art Fair in Omaha this past weekend. Several paintings have new homes, a fact that pleases me immensely!

A painting that I really pushed the midnight oil on, just to have it finished in time, was amongst those. I was very pleased with how the painting turned out, and it was seriously gratifying to have someone else vote yes so quickly :) (although while it hung on my display wall and I looked at it for awhile, there was one little place I wanted to dab at with a red paint brush!)

And so it's on to Minneapolis, for the Stonearch Art Festival at St Anthony Main, June 14th and 15th. Must be time to finish off a few more paintings--it's always fun to show new ones!

Later, Cooper

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