Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reasons To Paint, Why Artist Paint The Way They Do


This fall we stained our concrete patio, and could not decide if we wanted to seal it with "high gloss" or "natural". This morning as it is sealed in about 1/4 inch of glossy ice, we decided we like that look but wish is was artificial :)

I have a lot on my paint brush schedule today part of which is a throw back to my ongoing exploration into why artists paint the way they do.
Last spring I posted a bonus package for you, a real two-fer! Today you get the update:

Liberty Jean, and Mia Corrine, tucked into their Burley and ready for a good walk/run!
And then on September 15th, along comes their Colorado cousin, Arridian James Cooper. He needs a painting for his room, and then because his aunt Abbie is getting married soon, she needs a new painting for her new house. So much for the business end of studio work, eh? Time to go spread some paint!
Later, Cooper


Marian Fortunati said...

Gorgeous little ones.
Hopefully this Thanksgiving or sometime soon you'll be able to spend time cooing and gooing over them!!

Arhagle said...

yes those one are also cute

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