Friday, November 7, 2008

Snow On The Rooftop


It's official. Summer is a now-fleeting memory.

This is the view out my studio window today. So we expect something unusual to happen inside the studio, right?
You know the line, 'what makes artists paint the way they do?' Too much white stuff outside the studio, two white canvases leaning on the wall inside the studio, ----I had no choice. I covered them up. I grabbed the big brush, found two of the thumbnail sketches I have been working on, and slathered them onto the canvases. In purple. Now, I'm going to go make chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight, and after that, hopefully have a few spare minutes to add some paint to these canvases, so that they are a little more explanatory to all the rest of you. Fortunately, I, myself, know with perfect certainty what they are saying :)

Later, Cooper


Mary Connealy said...

The paintings are very mysterious. I feel myself projecting my own impressions onto them.

How dangerous, huh?

So, got any plans for a shopping trip to Sioux City? I think we're due. We won't be sitting outside of Starbucks, though, wanna bet???

Archita Singh said...

That's very interesting!

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Arhagle said...

Mysterious but yet don't like them

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