Thursday, October 1, 2009



Welcome to the Cooper studio. Did you see that title? I made that word up, at least I don't think it's a real word already.

But. Iowathermalflux. I'm using it as an excuse, and yet another answer to that burning question "what makes artists paint the way they do". Iowathermalflux. Break it down Delbert: Iowa -thermal (as in temperature) -flux (as in fluctuating) Other wise know as change of season. Temperatures falling in Iowa. Next up, autumn. Time to turn the furnace on maybe. Bring in those geraniums that you don't want to freeze out on the patio. It was all part of the buildup effect today and resulted in a new still life painting. What on earth will happen next? Who knows. But re: the still life painting-- a good time was had by all.

Window Ledge Still Life 10 1 09, an acrylic painting on paper, available in my portfolio.

Later, Cooper

2 comments: said...

Dear Cooper,
It was really a great experience to look at ur paintings. they were really very refreshing. Congratulations. I also do painting and am relatively new in blogging. Do visit my blog and give ur comments. waiting for ur response.
Satyam Gupta

clippingimages said...

i like how u use thick swatches of paint!