Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cooper Studio Newsletter Published (yay!)

Welcome to the Cooper studio, where as a general rule, we try to answer the everpressing question "why do artists paint the way they do?"

Today we are reverting to section A, qualifier 2, subparagraph 413 where is asked:

"What on earth is up with THAT artist?"

And here's the answer

And of course I aimed for slightly fun. After all, we are still having winter, and we need all the help we can get.

So the painting has a name: A Fine Sound (July 4th At The Park), an acrylic painting on a nice little 12 x 12 canvas. And yes, of course it's available in my portfolio. The "fine sound" mentioned is a vocal artist , Bonne Finken, whose band we saw at Arnolds Park (Iowa) last summer. Truely fine.

Back to the easel. Have a lovely day!

Later, Cooper


DivaDea said...

Your paintings are beautiful!

Anderson Scott said...

I love your style. These paintings are great:-)