Friday, February 26, 2010

Let Me Explain


Welcome to the Cooper studio, Jefferson, Iowa. Hey, it's Friday. At least I think so.

As I checked blog comments, I noticed a slightly interesting something about the most recent post here. If you didn't patch together the post title and one of the internal links, well, then all was craziness.

Let me explain. The title was "Cooper Studio Newsletter Published (Yay!)" Down in the text was a link to said newsletter. I completely knew what I was doing. Many of you maybe did not. These things happen once in a while.

Let's put it in black and white, better yet, red. Cooper Studio Newsletter Published (Yay!)

Now, all you have to do is click on those red letters, and I promise you, you will get there. And a tip for the viewer unfamiliar with the format: at the bottom of the video screen is a "box" with four arrows. Clicking on that will give you a full screen view. Much more enjoyable, I think. Have fun!

Later, Cooper


gallery 802 said...

It is so much this painting.....and..keep it up this great work

Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant subiectul postat de tine. M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place si am sa mai revin sa-l vizitez. O zi buna

Kitchen Sinks said...

Thanks For the post.....Good work...keep it up

Anonymous said...

Nice paintings!