Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Happy Wednesday to you! ---Even though it's bloomin' cold in my corner of the world. What happened to spring?

At any rate I have a spring message for you. Buy Iowa Art, is a site where Iowa artists show their work collectively. The Iowa Arts News e-newsletter for April 07 features an article " Blossoms With Spring". Yours truely is the color for the article, actually the color is my painting A Great American Porch Swing, which I do believe I have listed at my webpage:

also I can give you the Iowa Arts Council info, which is: or

I guess it wouldn't hurt to post that painting for you huh? Look just to the right. Possibly I'll get it into the article after a bit, but right now, gotta go.

Later, KC

ps. Personally I think the painting feels more summer than spring, but read what you want, huh? Also, "A Great American Porch Swinging" is currently on display at Arts On Grand, in Spencer, Iowa.

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