Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Today's painting


Just to let you know, Iowa is NOT balmy today. I would call it 50-ish and gray. But we're cruising toward the weekend weather guy promise of 80. I'm ready.

So apples have been in the studio recently. Three happened in a large still life that as yet is unnamed. So we have a 30 x 30 inch canvas with a crock bowl, three apples, and a red and white check tablecover that's actually masquerading as a green and white check. (we call that artistic license) Hopefully it will have a good and proper name soon, but until then, find it inserted and labeled "still life".

And amazing as it may seem, I am posting two (count'em two) paintings today. The second is actually a color study on paper, of some hands wrapped around a nice red apple. But you are correct---it's mostly about the hands. I think you can say a lot with hands. At this point, I suppose I should confess that I am one of those people who if you tied their hands behind their back, they would probably not be able to talk at all. Yep, that's me and I'm ok with it! This study is on paper, about 15 inches square. Yes, both of today's paintings are in acrylic. The study on paper: $125; the large canvas: $500.

Later, Karen

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