Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Krasl Art Fair On The Bluff, A.R.T.

Hello and happy spring!

So I lie a little---there's white stuff falling and blowing outside my window as we speak. Heavy sigh. But the robins are here in full force, so give us a day or two and we'll be able to wear shorts and tshirts instead of wool.

Yes, I have been painting, but somethings up, because I seem to be in an unusual pattern; that of working on several pieces in the same time span. I just signed one of them however, another study from Thursday night studio, so maybe you'll get to see it posted here eventually.

Other news: I am going to be participating in the A.R.T. this fall, also known as artisan's road trip. That would be a self guided tour around northwest Iowa of various artist's studios. Yes, you may put that on your calendar for October 13th and 14th.

Also on my exhibit calendar, we've added Krasl Art Fair On The Bluff, one of my most favorite of outdoor summer art shows. It's held in St. Joseph, Michigan the second weekend in July, which I believe is July 15th and 16th, in a beautiful park overlooking Lake Michigan.

As it is still snowing, I think it's time to bake cookies. I promise to post that painting after a bit.

Later, Karen
ps. The posted study is on a 20 inch square canvas. We are still waiting for a title?

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