Sunday, May 6, 2007

"Primary Fluff" and "Art Sail"


So we got rained on in Iowa last night, big time. Ollie's outdoor doggie dish was full which is the meteorologist equivalent of about 4 inches, give or take a smidgen. I was told we also had a light show, plus some electrically induced percussion, none of which managed to wake me up.

I have another show to put on my summer calendar. "Art Sail" is July 28th in Clear Lake, Iowa, a one day show in a beautiful park on the shore of an equally beautiful lake. If you are in the neighborhood, do drop by. Clear Lake also has a stunning new art center, which I wrote about earlier. Their address is I will suggest that their website needs to be more patron friendly, but their new gallery space is definitely worth a visit.

Today for your viewing pleasure, "a painting a day". Yep, that means I accomplished it all today! I will confess that I failed to paint yesterday (big soccer tournament road trip) but I have been faithfully making "paint daubs and splodges" all the other days of this week. I have another "book reader" done, but not photographed. I will get to that eventually. Time to upload!

Later, KC

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