Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sugar Creek Art Festival

Hello and happy Wednesday to you,

I've recently added another show to my schedule for the summer. July 7th and 8th the Sugar Creek Arts Festival will be held in Normal, Illinois. There are two parts of the show, some artists will be located on the streets of uptown Normal, some, myself include, will be on the quad of the Illinois State University campus. They promised shade trees on the quad, and considering we're speaking of the first part of July, that was the line I signed on!

Painting: yes, I have been. But here's the deal, I can barely navigate the studio for the canvases, (almost finished ones) leaning everywhere. One of these days soon I will amaze you with the number of paintings I post for your viewing pleasure. Just you wait!

Later, Karen

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Carlynne said...

Karen, I enjoyed seeing your work. I know exactly what you mean about canvases piling up. They're everywhere because I'm working on 2 bodies of work. It's especially challenging when working in mixed media - I have to have every kind of art supply out there. You never know when it might come in handy on a painting.
Happy painting,