Wednesday, December 12, 2007

daily paint, December 12th, 2007


We had another zinger temperature day in Spencer, Iowa, today. It's been one of those where I check the weather early morning trying to determine if Ollie and I want to walk/run early or wait until later. Even Ollie has been voting for later, and trust me there's no running, too much slick stuff. By the time I put on the snowmobile suit that embarasses the resident 16 year old, and a pair of really heavy Thinsulate boots, I've added enough weight and bulk to make me feel like a workout has been done!

I painted nice sunshine today. Yes, it had to come from a photo and a good memory:) Enjoy, and no you can't have it:) (that means NFS)

Tomorrow I will finish it up and post a nice image for you.

Later, Cooper

oh, and if you want to see how the painting started


Janell said...

This is the perfect season to finish this one! I'll never forget the time I was driving home on a summer day when the temp was 110 in the shade and I had no A/C in the car. And then I got stopped by a construction flag, so there I sat in a hot car, in the blazing sun. Then the dj on the radio played a rousing arrangement of "Sleigh Ride." I was immediately cheered up!

Mary Connealy said...

I thought you put up a photo for a second. This has beautiful, precise detail.