Monday, December 31, 2007

daily paint, December 31st, 2007,

Happy New Year's Eve!

It is a clear COLD one in Spencer, Iowa. The icicles hanging from the eave outside the office window are NOT melting.

So, I am aware that my last post promised you that I would be working on the cafe scene painting. We-eeee-ll, somehow I ended up getting involved in a project to remove seven layers of wallpaper, two of them painted, from the walls of a bedroom. Ugh. If you are ever in the mood to change your wallpapered walls, strip the old stuff off FIRST! That will insure that whoever you someday sell your house to, will not be speaking of you as we are of the previous owners of our house:) The good news is, about one more good work day should complete the nasty task.

Needing a break from the aforementioned task, I spent the afternoon in the studio. Surprisingly, it was not the cafe scene that jumped up on the easel, it was the park painting that I had started many days ago. Here is a first look at the start of the painting, and now to upload today's daily paint: 'Spread A Quilt On The Grass'

Later, Cooper


Janell said...

You've captured so many of my favorite things in one picture; quilts, books and a beautiful day to enjoy them in. This warmed me up, even as I'm gazing out my window at s snow covered landscape sparkling in the below-zero temp!

Janell said...

By the way, I like your zinnia, too. When I go out to do phtography in the summer, I seem to gravitate to closeups of flowers. I have a lot that I've done in black & white.

Anonymous said...

cool one, nice painting

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