Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Golden Retriever


Yes, as a matter of fact, I have been busy. Any suggestions of abandoning, or ignoring this space are completely fictious and a fabrication of a mind that needs something better to do.

But look, there is a new painting for the "painting a day" group, but you're correct, I should rename it the "painting every other day" at most. But no matter the timing, it's kinda fun, don't you think? Title you ask?


It's an acrylic on paper, about 16 inches square. If you enjoy it at all, I DO have a comment box. If you think I'm a wacko painter, well, I guess I still have a comment box!



Lynn said...

That title is great! I love the painting. It is so relaxing!

lacmtmercy said...

Poor Ollie! :) At least he looks good in the painting - what a model! Anyway, Chris & I like it. Way to go!