Thursday, July 5, 2007

Art Show

Good morning!

I don't know about July 4th in your town, but ours was perfect! We went up to the lake (Okoboji) and had an amazingly enjoyable day. The weather was outstanding for July in Iowa. We were at the greenspace, Preservation Plaza, to hear the concert. A band named Cory And The Fireflies played (great fun music) but their lights attracted a few bugs and unfortunately the band ate (yuck!) some of them. I guess that just goes with an outdoor performance!

I am headed for Bloomington/Normal, Illinois for Sugar Creek Arts Fest this weekend, July 7th and 8th. If you are in the neighborhood, stop in. My exhibit space is on the ISU quad, hopefully under a wonderful shade tree!

I do have a pair of new paintings for you to see, yes, painting everyday, BUT they have not been seen through my camera yet. Hopefully that will happen later today, and then I will get them posted for you.

Later, Cooper

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