Monday, July 16, 2007

RAGBRAI, "Bikes, Boards And Blades" and daily painting


Yes, I live in Spencer, Iowa, and anybody that can relate to RAGBRAI 07 knows that Spencer is the first camp. My son Brent works at Bikes, Boards and Blades here in Spencer, and they are all pretty excited. "Bikes, Boards, and Blades" is very much a quality and service based shop, which means they are all working full speed right now---lots of demand for what they have.

I have a totally non RAGBRAI related painting to post today, in fact, I should probably make a separate post, but that would be just too nonconfusing, right?! How about I just make sure it lands at the end of this post so it can masquerade as being tied to the last post? And THEN tommorrow, or maybe Wednesday, I will post something that looks like RAGBRAI--I promise you, it's very close to it's final brush stroke!

Later, Karen

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