Wednesday, November 21, 2007

daily paint and promised posts


Yep, even though there will be eighteen people here for dinner tomorrow, I painted this morning. I have a pear still life called 'Another Blue Chair' that's been bugging me, even though it has been out in the world some and supposedly completed:) This morning it got some more paint heaped on. Results yet to be determined.

I did get the 'Rave On' pieces in front of the camera>

Ok, time to cook!
Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

I will now call you Cooper the Trooper. Way to get that daily painting done.
Today is the first day I haven't gotten my 1000 words done. And yes, I could be doing that instead of writing here. I had kind of a break through on my heroine yesterday, just got to know her a little better, a little deeper and so I did a lot of writing yesterday, maybe almost 2000 words. So I'm still AVERAGING 1000 words a day...that counts, right? Since I'm the referee???? You bet it does.