Thursday, November 15, 2007

daily paint, November 15th, 2007

Hello and happy Thursday to you!

Wow, we have bright sunshine in Spencer, Iowa today! The angle of the sun is now such that when it's shining, sitting in the office is an enlightening experience. I grabbed a big old canvas and plopped it in the middle window---the sunshine still gets in [Ollie is appreciative] and yet I can still see the computer screen:)

Today I have added a few tidbits from the Arts On Grand press release for the 'Gathering of the Wreaths'.

Arts on Grand invites you to the first “Gathering of the Wreaths” December 1 through December 8. This fundraising event is the brainchild of Holly McClain and will provide an opportunity for artists to create “one of a kind” wreaths to be sold in a silent auction.
The “Gathering of Wreaths” begins on December 1, at 4 p.m. with a Holiday Tea sponsored by Shaky Tree Coffee and featuring a Christmas Recital by Niki Conover.

The Silent auction of wreaths ends on December 8, 2007. Proceeds from “The Gathering of Wreaths” will support the arts community at Arts on Grand, by providing new classes in the New Year.
Tickets for the tea and the luncheon are on sale at Arts on Grand, Northwest Federal Savings Bank, Del’s Garden Center and Jacobsen Income Tax Service. Please call 712 262 4307 for further information.

With all that noted, I started playing with an idea for a wreath, and got carried away. Soooooooooo---daily paint, 15 x15 inches, acrylic on heavy gessoed paper, let's call it Wreath On A Yellow Door. I am painting a canvas that will probably resemble this for the AOG event. Yeah, sheesh, the first one was just supposed to be me collecting my thoughts on the subject.

Later, Cooper


Cindy Hesse said...

cooper-Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment:)
Your paintings are lovely. You have a bright and cheery color palette-very nice! Some people make this daily painting thing look so easy- I find that so many other things get in the way all the time. I like the timer idea too. I think I'll keep using it and see if it makes me more productive.

YOu seem very productive with solo shows and such large canvases. Keep up the good work. I'll be back to see what you're up to.

Mary Connealy said...

I love the wreath. The perfect painting to find here today. I went to the Lyons Library Festival of Trees Friday.
I actually went in there to check out a book and guess what? No books. Only trees.
It was beautiful. Just to be plunged into all those trees, organizations and businesses and individuals had trees on display. Maybe when I start to get a few more books on the shelves I'll offer to decorate a tree and make mini-book covers to dangle here and there...hope the Festival keeps running for quite a while. Because it won't be soon with a tree full of book covers. :)
Anyway, I'm in the Christmas spirit now.