Thursday, November 1, 2007

daily paint---not my brush:), red and yellow trees

Good morning,

I have been dropping comments about the red and yellow trees outside my offfice window. A Nevada visitor to my journal said they get yellow trees, but never red. Well, today, you all get red! The one photo has a bit of sunlight catching my camera lens, making it look hazy. Trust me, we have no haze today. It is drop-dead-gorgeous-crystal clear atmosphere setting amidst these trees. I just thought the sun effect shooting in from the side made for an interesting extra. So enjoy northwest Iowa today, I am:)

Later, Cooper


Mary Connealy said...

Beautiful pictures, Karen.
It makes me itchy to be out of this classroom. But that ain't gonna happen!!!!!!!
I am guest blogging today on a site called Pistols and Petticoats.
I thought it came out good if you wanna go read it.

Mary Connealy said...

I finally broke down and looked up the word manguin. A French Painter? Right? Or does manguin now have some meaning as a noun.
Inquiring mind, etc.