Wednesday, November 14, 2007

daily paint slinging, November 14th, 2007, A.R.T.

Hello everybody!

First I tried taking it off the easel, that didn't work, because while it was on the floor I saw a place where it needed one more line of red. Then I tried washing out my brushes, yeah, one of them got used again right away. I said, "okay, we'll sign it, then I have to be done". And to top that I put a wire on the back and hung it on the wall in the solarium, which is, of course, brilliant sunlight that showed me where I needed just a touc h of white. Maybe that's all it took, I haven't put any paint on it since about 12:30 this afternoon:) We are speaking of the canvas of the two women seated on vintage 50's chairs, sipping their cokes. Tomorrow I will photo it for you, I'm scared that if I get too close to it yet today that I might put more paint on it!

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the Schwinn rider. I had fun with it! Oh, and I googled for wreath-on-door images. By the 26th I need to have a canvas to Arts On Grand for a winter fund raiser--[see Holly, I am working on it!] :) It would probably be more successful, and easier to hang a wreath on my door and set my easel on the sidewalk and get to work, but we are having northwest Iowa weather issues of late. It was a very grey day, and the wind was blowing so hard it blew Ollie's stainless steel doggie dish clear across the patio. Pleine aire would be painful.

One more note of note: I was at an A.R..T. [northwest Iowa artisans road trip] meeting tonight, mostly business, but also we will be having a group exhibit at Arts On Grand in Spencer.

show opens: December 10th
reception/meet the artists: December 14th @ 5:30 pm
show concludes: January 5th

Whew, this entry needs some color. How about an upload of the Schwinn biker canvas? Finished isn't everything, you know!

Later, Cooper

ps. I plan on her shoes being the same color in the end:)

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