Wednesday, January 2, 2008

daily paint, January 2nd, 2008

Hey there,

So do we suppose it's going to warm up any time soon? Ollie and I timed our 'daily' for the warmest hour we could find, but that wasn't much. The resident 16 year old is embarrassed when THE MOM wears the old snowmobile suit to walk the dog, but hey, today I valued warmth over the fashion sensabilities of a high school junior:) We are talking minus 4 degrees in Spencer, Iowa today folks.

We are trying to get back on schedule, and tomorrow Brent heads back to school, so I should be interruption-free! I managed to squeeze some painting time in anyway. Today's daily paint was spread on and about a painting started last week. The lady in red was 'a bit snooty of gaze' today, so it absorbed quite a bit of time to 'find her' in a better mood. (yes, those are all valid art terms) Okay, and now uploading today's view:

Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

I've missed your blog...and you.
I've been traveling of all things. I don't do much of that. I had a booksigning in Texas on Dec. 28th. Very nice, in the heart of Petticoat Ranch country. I got to do some research that's going to help smooth out a rough spot in Book Three in the Petticoat Ranch series, too, so I feel great about that.
Snooty, huh? Finding a better mood. I love this stuff. I'm totally using it in a book someday.
I wanted so much to get to Abbie's recital. It's not going to happen though. We're just home and I've got stuff backed up for days before I can dare have fun again.