Saturday, June 21, 2008

new on the painter front


And happy Saturday to you! I had to take my coffee out to the patio this morning, it's THAT beautiful of a day!

Bearing in mind my promise to journal here, on things that cause me to paint the way I do, let me update you, visually, of course.

I got to go on gramma duty earlier this week. This pair was not letting their mommy get any sleep, and their daddy was sent to Cedar Rapids to help there, so gramma to the rescue. Everything times two, what an underrated statement! Pretty darn cute, huh?

Last weekend I accidentally went to my first real bike race. I happened to be in Minneapolis while the 'Great River Energy Bicycle Races' were happening. A whole section of downtown was roped off so these athletes could do their race while masses of people stood by to watch. It was very high energy and so much fun. I still have mental images of it all, but am glad I had my trusty HP with me---I think the two will very possibly combine for some great paintings :)

And yesterday's studio work gets posted also! A red dress, who can deny the fun there? Stages of this painting are posted on my project blog for you as well.

Okay then, back to work!
Later, Cooper

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