Thursday, August 7, 2008

open studio results


So why do artists paint the way they do? Tonight I went up to the art center (Pearson Lakes Art Center) to see a new exhibit by artist Thaddeus Erdahl, had a glass of wine, listened to him tell about his work, which was pretty interesting by the way. He has an unusual concept of communication and the breakdown (or futility?) of it.

Right after that we had a model sit for us at open studio. Very easy going kid, but I think we bored her, until we told her it was okay to get out whatever video game was in her bag :) Two quick paintings and some drawings which in retrospect are unidentifiable. I will post two paintings, but the one has a definite problem. I brought them home and sat them on the kitchen counter to take another look, and said "oh, this one needs more here" That's usually a fatal mistake for most paintings at that hour of the night. At any rate, her legs were crossed at the ankle until that moment and now they just look confused---so maybe I'll fix it and maybe I won't! Update at eleven :)

Later, Cooper

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