Monday, February 18, 2008

acrylic painting

Howdy everybody!

Spring is trying to come, or maybe a few of us are trying to force it. ---Today I started working again at the garden center (Del's Garden Center, Spencer, Iowa) which means it is time to start planning your 2008 garden. Note that I said planning, not planting :) Isn't it crazy to think that all those beautiful little plants that you buy in early May need to get started now? We worked on things like spikes, ivy, springerii, etc today. It's a great fix for cabin fever, but it's also going to make me change my painting schedule a bit. I wonder if less time to spend at the easel made me put the paint on with more determination, or speed, or maybe even less caution? At any rate the evening's work is posted on the project blog tonight.

One painting note that is getting to be a frustration point: we had to cancel our Monday night life drawing group again. People are sick, the roads are covered with yucky-crappy icey stuff, and when that -4 degree temp and 30 mph wind hit me in the face, I cringe enough that my whole spine aches. Whew, listen to this painter whine! I'll be better tomorrow, I promise.

Later, Cooper


Mary Connealy said...

One more week of cold then it's gonna break.......right???

And surely working at a greenhouse has to give you hope that yes, spring will come again!

Scarlet said...

I was recommended to your site by Janell and it looks like I have a lot of artwork to look at. I love the still like w/ the apples on your project blog.

Don't be surprised to find me lurking around every now and then. ;)