Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily Painting, February 5th, 2008, Acrylic Painting "Mums On The Table"


Welcome to my journal blog this February 5th, 2008. It's still winter today in Spencer, Iowa, but I am going to hold off the whining as the weather reports for southeast of here (Des Moines etc.) are growing ugly! But for the meantime, how about a still life painting of mums? Note the window with actual green stuff outside instead of the brown sticks that are currently masquerading outside my window as trees :)

acrylic painting 'Mums On The Table', 15 x 15 inches, acrylic on gessoed paper

I have been painting and reading about painting. What a combination, huh? I promised a few days ago to give you a written opinion of the then current book authored by Kevin Macpherson, but since have polished off an additional book by Gregg Kreutz, and a good magazine article on Margaret Dyer (from a new e-zine: www.createbetterpaintings.com) that will probably have to be included in that written opinion. It's kind of interesting to absorb three artist's 'rules of painting' in that small an amount of time. It would seem that when work from all three artists can appeal to one person (me), they are all well known artists, and they are all sharing their theories, that some of them would overlap, right? I am rereading to discover commenalities, but so far they are few!

On the project blog, I have several images of 'starts' or paintings with just the big shapes blocked in--yeah, one of the aforementioned authors recommends practicing that. One a day, was the presciption, ---kind of sounds like vitamins, and hopefully it will have a similar effect! Ok, time to get back to work.

Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

I love it, Karen. I had to fight my way home in the nasty weather today and seeing your mums almost makes me believe in spring.

I'm hoping we'll be closed tomorrow like some brat kid praying for a 'snow day' from school.