Monday, February 11, 2008

Cooper acrylic painting, 'Summer School Student', February 11th, 2008

Howdy everybody,

Yea, it's snowing again! You'll note I have decided to start operating under the Murphy's law pretext here, we'll see if it does any good. School closed at 1:30 today, the wind is blowing and now I need to decide if we should call off Monday night studio group. I am pretty sure we've cancelled more than we've met this winter---arrrgh. (summer's coming, summer's coming!)

Actually in a way, we are getting closer. Spencer is home to Northwest Iowa's premier nursery/garden center 'Del's Garden Center'. It's also a wonderful place at which to work, which I do during the springtime, and will start at again next week. I work in the annuals buildings where all things colorful happen!

And not to be slacking, I have a painting, quite likely finished, and ready to show you. It's got a name now: Summer School Student, it measures 17 x 21 inches, and is an acrylic painting on paper. It's chronicle of progress is logged in over at my project blog, so bop over there if you are curious as to it's stages. Otherwise, just stay here and enjoy!

Later, Cooper

hey! I almost forgot---guess what? I won a book and a gift certificate! My author friend Mary Connealy is part of a group called Seekers ( ) and so I apparently stuck a comment in the right place. Yea!


Mary Connealy said...

That's right. Everyone come to Seekerville. :)

Summer School Student, huh? You are like...the queen of wishful thinking, Karen.
Summer's coming.

I no longer believe in Summer. I now suspect this odd business of the world getting warm for a few months each year was just a fluke.
Sure it's been happening for quite a while...several milennia...but obviously the whole world it really freezing cold all the time. Year round!

Mary Connealy said...

Don't you have some shows coming up? Despite this nasty weather it is about spring, right?
I thought, way, way back last fall that there were some shows closer to me come the spring (or summer?)