Wednesday, October 24, 2007

daily paint, October 24. 2007


Today's painting time was spent on the studio painting that I unearthed yesterday. I 'found' her face three times and lost her face three times. That translates to three steps forward, three steps back. Heavy sigh.

My friend Mary Connealy has a group of author friends, and yesterday they were sharing thoughts on rhino hide at their blog, Other than the three step portion of my day, I spent my time toughening up my 'rhino hide'. Comes the season for sending away jpgs to see what shows might actually let me hang up a painting. But not just any jpg, today I was working on that special commmodity called the booth shot. A booth shot is a lovely little invention that supposedly gives a vision of the layout of your potential exhibit, while simultaneously answering the question 'can this person really paint enough to fill a whole exhibit space by herself?' To anyone who really wants to know, YES, I CAN! Here, LOOK:

Yes, I know, it's very colorful. :) Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

Karen, I love the booth. Where do I find a list of shows. Any close enough for me to come?
I think I saw a schedule somewhere. I'll go check your website.