Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Random blog entry: Boulder Acoustic Society @ Spencer House Concert

Hello again,

I just got back from a great event. There is a gathering in our town called the 'house concert'. (yeah, who'da thunk it, Spencer, Iowa) Anyway, our genial host, Martin Arthur introduced us to the 'Boulder Acoustic Society'. If you were not there, you are sorry. It was amazing music, live and wonderful. I'm saying that and they had an accordian! But what a cool sound that musician made! You've heard the phrase said of a musician that they 'were one with their instrument'? That would be true of all five of this group. I contend that live music is like an original painting: the real is prime, the reproduction (or recording) is just a make-do copy. Oh, that we could have the real thing all the time! By the way, if you are within driving range of a performance by the 'Boulder Acoustic Society' you 'd best be going!

Later, Cooper

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Mary Connealy said...

The last Live Concert I went to was....thinking here....The Country Playboys. Ask Wayne if that's right. He'd know.
The Pickell Brothers with Dennis Mussack playing the drums.
Carol Freese sang, spelled by Rose Cummins.
At ... it wasn't at Abbie Farrens' wedding, they played there, too, but I heard them once since then. I just can't remember when. Maybe Cody Farren's college graduation.

You know, they were pretty good.