Thursday, January 31, 2008

acrylic painting 'Flower Shopping In Red', January 31st, 2008

Well the sun is pink on the horizon. I can see it through frost free windows, not because it warmed up today, but only because the office managed to catch a few rays at just the right angle!
Hey, we think flower shopping is finished. It has an official name: 'Flower Shopping In Red'. It's chronicle of coming to be is on the project blog.
When I am at the project blog and refering to the posts at this site I claim that this is the journal of why painters do what they do (meaning this painter). Today while standing at the easel, poised and ready to break a rule, I had one of those ah-hah moments. I decided it came as a result of the bad habit I have of spreading stuff in a circle on the floor around me and in true journeling form, look:

It's called creative mess! Ok, here is the real image: 'Flower Shopping In Red' Enjoy!
Later, Cooper

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