Sunday, August 26, 2007

art in the park, Arnolds Park


Yesterday was Arnolds Park "Art In the Park", the very first art fair I have EVER exhibited at that had been postponed because of weather. All hardy artists know that art shows are rain or shine!---but what do you do when there's the equivalent of a river running across your space--and we're not talking a narrow little stream here either. Postponing was the only choice. Actually there was one other choice, which was to cancel. That choice would have taken a great day from us. About 50 of the 80 scheduled artists made it for the new weekend, and we had a good day. The reschedule meant we were at the park the same weekend as 'blues fest' which was a really good combination--very enjoyable. Possibly we didn't have quite as much crowd as usual, but the ones who came took paintings home with them. Yea! Tommorrow I will upload the latest comission painting for you--it's a winner!

Later, Cooper

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