Monday, August 27, 2007

artimmersion, eh?

Happy Monday to you!

I just read an article that somebody needs to comment on, I guess it might as well be me. I found the article at an online 'tutorial' called artimmersion. I happened to be reading the section on acrylic painting.
Down towards the end of the article it talks about a disadvantage of acrylic paint is it's tendacy to crack----WHEN the paint is applied to a canvas that has been primed with HOUSEHOLD LATEX PAINT and the painting is then stored ROLLED UP! Let's see: just how much more abusive can we get with art materials and still expect them to perform? I wonder how would water colors perform under those conditions? And what about oil paints, let's just slap some of those onto a canvas primed with household latex paint and see what happens. Don't most of us agree there is a reason the stuff is called HOUSEHOLD latex paint?
I would love to know who authored that lovely little article, but of course, they didn't leave any contact or comment space. Moral of the story: Get your story straight before you put it in print folks. Whew, I've vented, now I can go paint. Acrylics, of course. Have a great day!


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