Thursday, August 23, 2007

Artists and art show questions


Yes, I'm back, it's still Thursday, and I've a question for artists who exhibit at art fairs. Think back to any show you've exhibited at this summer. It's about an hour before the show starts for the second day, everythings ready except for the patrons. What's an artist to do?? Answer: stand around, drink your coffee, and visit with your neighbors. And what do you visit about?? Art shows of course. But you never manage to get everything discussed in that brief hour.

Now it's time to start thinking about where you are going to show at next summer, and you're kicking yourself for not asking somebody about that other show. Do I give it a try or not? Like does anybody know anything about MPTV/Channel 10 Holiday Art Fair? Or what about Hidden River Art Festival? I can tell you about a little show called Valley Junction Art Market in West Des Moines, that's not too shabby most years. I think there are worthy art fairs out there that don't all necessarily have the name Cherry Creek or St Louis, but we need to share our notes to build up the good ones as well as weed out (by not going to) the bad ones.

Ok, time to go paint!

Later, Cooper

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