Tuesday, August 14, 2007

daily painting: I Grow Great Vegetables

Good Morning!

And happy August 14th to you! Spencer environs equate to a steam bath this morning. I was out at 6:25 with Ollie for our run, but it was futile, we ended up walking most of it. To run was like running underwater, a bazillion percent humidity does not allow for much good oxygen to the lungs! If I was sweating just as bad from walking fast as I normally do running, and we went our normal distance, does that mean I got just as good a workout? We'll ponder that one later.

For now, I have two paintings to show you. They are both daily paintings from late last week. (before my camera went to the motocross at Milville!) This week's daily painting has been confined to a commission----that means: eeeeeeeeK! The deadline approacheth!

Both paintings are acrylic on heavy paper. They are 15 x 15 inches, and I will put them on my webpage as well. http://karencooperpaintings.com/ Enjoy!

Later, Cooper

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