Monday, August 20, 2007

daily painting, with thunder and lightning

Hello from the middle of monsoon season in northwest Iowa!

Oh yeah, that's right, we don't have monsoon season in Iowa, it just feels like it! But you have to admit, 6 inches in 3 days is quite a bit. I know it's not nearly as much as some people have gotten, but I think about all that time I spent watering the garden and lawn during July and early August and I feel slightly ridiculous. But yes, the lawn is green, and we are enjoying great vegetables! Which leads me to the next item:

Today's painting. No, the aforementioned commissioned painting is not quite done, but it's close, and I needed a break from it, so today we had this bowl full of tomatoes sitting on the kitchen counter just screaming to be painted, and here it is. "Large Blue Bowl Of Excessively Ripe Tomatoes"

Also, Arts In The Park At Arnolds Park, will be on for this Saturday, August 25th. The weather guys are promising sunshine for the weekend, so we'll have visual artists on one half of the park and musical artists (blues fest) on the other half of the park. What a deal! See you there!

Later, Karen

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