Thursday, August 23, 2007

daily painting: Rudbeckia


Yesterday we had a very brief lull in our midwest monsoon. Poor Ollie, who is scared of lightning and expecially thunder (but won't admit it) was desperate to get out. So we put walking shoes on me and a leash on Ollie and headed towards the hospital campus to see how the new park is progressing. Answer: muddy and slower.

At any rate, we spyed some really stunning Rudbeckia, some people say coneflower. Even with the excuse of being an artist needing "models", it's hard to justify a five-finger-discount from a hospital flowerbed, so I resorted to the trusty camera. The result is a color sketch painting on heavy paper, the kind where I try to keep my time involvement minimal. I worked on it last night, and still thought it needed more TLC today. But it's signed now and ready to upload.

Later, Cooper

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