Thursday, August 30, 2007

Luke 15


Happy Thursday to you! On Sunday I wrote that I would upload the image of my latest commission painting for you---sheesh---here it is Thursday already! This painting was commissioned by my pastor. For those of you not fresh on the Luke 15 story, it's where of a whole 100 sheep, one gets lost and the shepherd goes out to find and bring it back. The contention is that way too many people concentrate on the lost sheep being found and they miss the part where when the shepherd gets back home, he calls all his friends in for a party to celebrate finding the lost sheep. Emphasis PARTY. Our God likes fun too! The painting itself is a little silly, but what other avenue is available when you've got this goofy, dumb sheep front and center??

Coming up: today's daily painting got painted, but not photographed, so I guess we'll call it for tomorrow. On the easel:

1. "Higher Education" (must be because my first born told me about his fall classes, my second born just started work on her doctorate, my third born is celebrating this as her first fall since 1989 to be school free, and my fourth born, well, yeah, I need to finish this so I can go check and make sure his homework is done!)

2. More tomatoes! No title as yet, but let me tell you: they ARE ripe!

Later, Cooper

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