Thursday, January 3, 2008

daily paint, January 3rd, 2008---caucus day!

Greetings all!

So Iowa gets to set the country straight tonight :) Yeah, right. I am planning on being a good little Iowan and doing the caucus thing. My caucusing will be of the preventative nature, and that will be enough said about that, however, you may read between the lines if you wish:)

The weather did abate slightly today. Ollie and I again waited till midafternoon to get out, but instead of the ugly snowmobile suit, I wore running shoes. Yea! Actually they are one of the sizes of soccer cleats that Brent wore for about one season before outgrowing, so I adopted them. Hey, he didn't wear them long enough to do any major damage to them, and they do well on snow/slush.

I painted all day today but didn't get far. And I'm already annoyed with a couple things that will need fixed right away in the morning. Why is it I see things like that better after they've been photo'd and onto the screen? Sheesh.

Later, Cooper


Chris Bolmeier said...

Hello From Nebraska Cooper,
Could you be fantasizing about sunshine, warmth, painting outdoors? Well I think we must if we're going to survive here and not go crazy.
In December my brain freezes, kind've like drinking a slurpee too fast. Then my body freezes, then my thoughts come to a halt and as much as I love the Midwest, the cold gets to me. Boo Hoo, Wah Wah, okay I'm finished crying now. Off to paint now.

Janell said...

I don't see any mistakes on your canvas, but I guess it must be like typos to Blogospherians: they are invisible until you hit "publish."